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Healthy Sugar-Free Keto Popsicles

Here’s how to make Sugar-Free Keto Popsicles with just 4 ingredients and in just 5 minutes. Besides being super easy, they are delicious, healthy, and additive-free! This recipe is for Strawberry Lemon popsicles, but the flavor options are endless.

Easy Strawberry Keto Popsicles

I don’t know where you guys are from, but here in Connecticut, it’s been a pretty hot summer. And one of the benefits of being home in quarantine this summer is I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting in my inflatable pool…yes I know I said an inflatable pool. Desperate times come for desperate measures. 

Since I’ve spent all my time this summer outside in the heat, what is more refreshing than an ice-cold popsicle? That’s right my friends, you can enjoy delicious popsicles while still eating low carb and sugar-free. 

These sugar-free fruit popsicles are made with only 4 ingredients, one of which is water. So let’s just say 3 ingredients instead. 

This recipe is for homemade strawberry lemonade popsicles, but of the many great things about this recipe is that you can replace the strawberries with any other kind of fruit. Whatever your liking is…strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry….they all will taste amazing!

We’ll show you how to make both fruity and creamy popsicles with any combinations you want!

Oh, and did I mention that it literally only takes 5 minutes to prepare? After your 5-minute prep is done pop them into the freezer for a few hours and you have yourself the perfect summer treat.

Why are Popsicles Called Popsicles?

Low Carb Sugar-Free Ice Pops

Here’s a little history into why popsicles are called popsicles: 

Popsicles were actually invented by accident in 1905 by a young boy named Frank Epperson from Oakland, California. One night he accidentally left a glass that was filled with water, powdered soda mix, and a wooden stirring stick out on his front porch overnight. 

n the morning he came out and saw that the soda mixture was frozen solid. He soon realized that this “accident” was a great idea, he named them “Eppsicles” and they became a popular frozen treat for him and his friends.  

In 1923 he started selling Eppsicles at a lemonade stand inside an amusement park. He changed the name of this frozen invention to Popsicles because his children insisted on called them “Pop’s ‘sicles.” Then in 1925, he sold the brand name Popsicle and the rest is history.

Are Popsicles Healthy?

Fruity Keto Popsicles

Regular store-bought popsicles are pretty low in calories, but I wouldn’t consider them to be nutritious or healthy. Store-bought popsicles don’t contain any nutrition because they are full of additives and sugar. 

The great thing about our homemade sugar-free ice pops is that they are healthy for you and don’t contain sugar or any hidden unhealthy ingredients. They are just made from fresh fruit, water, lemon juice, and a low carb sweetener. So please give these keto popsicles a try, you won’t regret it.

Can You Eat Popsicles on Keto?

Keto Popsicle recipe and sugar free with fruit

I don’t recommend eating store-bought popsicles on a keto or low carb diet, but these sugar-free popsicles are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT to eat while on Keto. 

When it comes to carbs in popsicles they will vary depending on the recipe you make or the brand you buy. Let’s quickly compare homemade sugar-free popsicles and regular store-bought ones. 

Popsicle Brand – Cherry, Grape, or Orange:
1 popsicle has 40 calories, 9 grams of NET Carbs, 7 grams of sugar

Popsicle Brand – Sugar-Free Cherry, Grape, or Orange: 
1 popsicle has 15 calories, 3.6 grams of NET Carbs

Our homemade Sugar-Free Popsicles – Strawberry Lemon:
1 popsicle has 15 calories, 2.8 NET CARBS

As you can see the sugar-free store-bought popsicles and our homemade keto popsicle recipe is very close in carbs, but what you need to keep in mind is that the reason there’s are so low is they use preservatives and artificial sweeteners that are so unhealthy, and artificial coloring as well.

Personally…not interested! But our homemade sugar-free ice pops are preservative and artificially free of everything!

What Ingredients are in Sugar-Free Keto Popsicles?

Keto Popsicles ingredients
  • Fruit – I chose to use strawberries for this recipe, but you can use blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries. Whichever fruit you choose to use, freeze it first. It helps give you the right consistency. 
  • Sweetener – Only use a powdered sweetener, it dissolves the best. My favorite one to use is powdered Swerve. 
  • Water – You need water in this sugar-free popsicle recipe to help thin it out, you don’t want it too thick or it won’t freeze right. 
  • Lemon Juice – This is an optional ingredient. It goes great with any berry you choose. But if you don’t add lemon juice then add the same amount of water that you would lemon juice.

Best Sweetener Options

In this keto popsicle recipe, you will always go with a powdered sweetener!! Using a granulated one will not dissolve properly and you will end up with gritty popsicles, and no one wants that. 

The best sweetener I like to use is Powdered Swerve, it’s my go-to sweetener these days. It has zero carbs, and is non-glycemic, making it a great sweetener option.

Different Variations of Sugar-Free Popsicles

Fruity Keto Popsicles recipe

With popsicles, it’s crazy how many variations you can make. I really can’t even name them all because there are so many.

Fruit Options

If you’re looking for Low Carb fruity popsicles here are a few ideas: 

  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry 
  • Lemonade 
  • Lime 
  • Raspberry 

Non-Keto Fruit Pops: 

  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Watermelon
  • PIneapple
  • Kiwi

Creamy Popsicles

Now the thing about creamy popsicles is you can still use fruit such as: 

  • Strawberry and Cream 
  • Chocolate Fudge Pops
  • Orange Creamsicle 
  • Berries and Cream
  • Coconut Lime 
  • Neapolitan Ice Cream Bars
  • Keto Vanilla Ice Cream Bars
  • Avocado (also combined with any fruit)

What Tools Do I Need?

Strawberry Lemon Keto Popsicles in a mold

What kind of kitchen tools do you need to make keto ice pops? 

Popsicle Molds: This is my favorite way of making homemade popsicles. You can get them for pretty cheap on Amazon, or at almost any kitchen store. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Once you have a popsicle mold, I have a feeling that you will be making all different kinds of popsicles recipes, including Fudge Pops and Ice Cream Bars. 

High-Powered Blender: I use my Vitamix for this recipe. But any high-powered blender will do the trick. 

Other Options: You can use any kind of popsicle mold you find. If you have kids, you can get fun molds like Dino’s, Ice cream cones, Fishies, and even Plastic Ice Pop Bags.  Check out this link to get your favorite popsicle mold.

Can I Make Popsicles Without a Mold?

What happens if you get a craving for homemade sugar-free popsicles but you don’t have a mold? It’s ok, you still can enjoy a popsicle on a hot day. 

So what can you use instead? 

  • Shot glasses
  • Muffin Tins
  • Small Paper Cups 
  • Yogurt Containers

How to Make Keto Popsicles

This recipe for sugar-free keto popsicles might be the easiest low carb dessert you have ever made. 

First, we’ll show you how to make strawberry lemon popsicles. After that, you can take the same instructions and use them to make any other flavor of popsicles you want:

1. First, freeze the strawberries or whatever fruit you are using.

2. In a high-powered blender, add the strawberries, lemon juice, water, and sweetener. 

3. Turn blender on and whip until smooth.

4. Pour into the popsicle molds.

5. Put the lid onto the molds, then add the popsicle sticks. Put into the freezer for at least 4 hours, or overnight.

If you want to make other flavors, here are other ways for making your own keto popsicle recipe…


To make healthy fruity popsicles you need to first pick your fruit. All types of berries work fabulously for low carb, as well as lemon and lime. If you are not on keto then you can use fruits such as: peaches, cherries, kiki, pineapple, mango, banana, watermelon, orange, and coconut. 

After you pick your fruit, all you do is add your liquid (water, lemon juice, or even milk), then add in the powdered sweetener.


Creamy or more of a water-based fruity popsicle? I’ve found that it’s pretty much a tie when it comes to popsicle lovers. Just because a popsicle is creamy, doesn’t mean that it’s bad for you, in fact, you still can make them healthy. 

Pick your fruit: lemon, lime, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are all perfect for keto. If not keto then try: mango, pineapple, kiwi, coconut, banana, watermelon, or oranges. 

Choose your creamy base: Full-fat unsweetened coconut milk is a great base when making healthy creamy popsicles. The texture is soft and smooth. This is a great keto diet option. 

Another option which may have a bit more carbs than coconut milk, is Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt. Using greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt gives you a lower water count, which basically means fewer water crystals to make your popsicles icy. 

When using a greek yogurt it adds protein and probiotics while still giving you the creamy texture you want. 

Add sweetener: Add in the powdered sweetener for a smooth texture. If you are not on keto, then you also could use honey, agave, or even maple syrup.

How Long Do Popsicles Take to Freeze?

Quick and Easy Keto Popsicles

Your keto popsicles need at least 4 hours to freeze, but freezing them overnight is always the safest option. You want to make sure that they are completely frozen.

Best Tips for Homemade Popsicles

Follow these tips for making your own homemade sugar-free popsicles: 

  • Be sure to use a powdered sweetener to get the smoothest texture. 
  • Adding lemon juice gives you a nice lemonade flavor, but you can omit it if you’d like. 
  • Adjust the sweetener to your taste. If you have an extra sweet batch of strawberries or any other type of berry, then you may want to lessen the amount of sweetener. 
  • Use a popsicle mold, it’s the best way and easiest way to make popsicles. 
  • Plan ahead…these keto popsicles take about 4 hours to freeze. 
  • Quickly run the popsicle mold under warm water to release the popsicles. 
  • Add fresh chopped or sliced fruit to your popsicles.

How do you Make Homemade Popsicles Not Hard?

Popsicles can get icy, so how do you make homemade popsicles not hard or icy? Obviously, water freezes into ice which doesn’t make for a great popsicle. 

By adding sugar, fat from coconut milk, fat from greek yogurt, or fiber from the fruit it will help the molecules from freezing as much and will give you a creamier, and a less icy popsicle.

Other Diets This Recipe is Good For

The Best Sugar-Free Ice Pops

These strawberry lemon keto popsicles are a perfect frozen treat for so many different diets and ways of eating. 

  • Gluten-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Dairy-Free: This exact recipe is dairy-free but you could make other popsicle recipes that contain yogurt, or milk. 
  • Egg-Free
  • Vegan: No dairy or animal products are used in this completely vegan recipe.

How to Store & Make-Ahead Options

These homemade sugar-free ice pops, well any popsicles for that matter, need to be kept in the freezer or they will melt. But I’m sure you already knew that…hahaha 

They will last a few weeks in the freezer, after that they may start to get a little icy especially if they aren’t stored properly. 

If you make them in a popsicle mold as I did, the mold serves as a storage container, so all you need to do is keep them in the mold until you’re ready to eat them. 

Or another way to store them is to buy popsicle bags. This is a great option when you want to make several different flavors. Check out this link to get your popsicle sticks and self-sealing bags.

Keto Popsicles with fruit

Other Low Carb Desserts:

If you’re in the mood for some other Keto-friendly Dessert recipes, check out our:

Low Carb Ice Cream recipe

All of them are Keto-friendly and low carb, and will have your friends raving!

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Keto Popsicles feature

Healthy Sugar-Free Keto Popsicles

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  • Author: Stephanie Parlegreco
  • Total Time: 4 Hours
  • Yield: 10 Servings (1 Popsicle per Serving) 1x
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Here’s how to make Sugar-Free Keto Popsicles with just 4 ingredients and in just 5 minutes. Besides being super easy, they are delicious, healthy, and additive-free!


  • 2 ½ cups frozen fresh strawberries
  • 1 ½ cups water
  • ¼ cup lemon juice 
  • ⅔ cup powdered swerve




Be sure to use powdered sweetener to get the smoothest texture. 

Adding lemon juice gives you a nice lemonade flavor, but you can omit it if you’d like. 

Adjust the sweetener to your taste. If you have an extra sweet batch of strawberries or any other type of berry, then you may want to lessen the amount of sweetener. 

Use a popsicle mold, it’s the best way and easiest way to make popsicles. 

Plan ahead,these keto popsicles take about 4 hours to freeze. But overnight is best. 

Quickly run the popsicle mold under warm water to release the popsicles. 

Add fresh chopped or sliced fruit to your popsicles.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: Desserts
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Wednesday 21st of June 2023

I made these with lime juice instead of lemon and they are heavenly. Never going back to store bought popsicles again, even when I'm not doing keto!

Leigh Oskwarek

Thursday 22nd of June 2023

Allison, Thank you for taking the time to try out our popsicle recipe and we are so glad that you love them!! I agree, they are so much better than store bought popsicles!! Thanks for the 5 star rating and spread the word with your friends how good they are


Wednesday 21st of June 2023

I love these! The first time I made them I used strawberrys and half water, half coconut milk and poured it into ice pop bags ... they were wonderful! Tonight I made more with a frozen berry mix (strawberry, blackberry & raspberry) with half water, half macadamia milk and also used the ice pop bags. Can't wait for them to freeze. It's over 100 degrees here and these are one way to tolerate the heat. I can see a lot of them in my future summer :)

Leigh Oskwarek

Wednesday 21st of June 2023

Peachy Thank you for your comments and 5-star rating on our keto popsicles. We are so glad that you love them so much and that they are a staple in your house..


Saturday 27th of May 2023

Hi, not a comment but a question. Can you substitute the powdered swerve for liquid stevia? If so how many squirts would u recommend? Thank you!

Leigh Oskwarek

Monday 29th of May 2023

Hi Sherry, I'm sure that you can use the stevia as a substitute but I'm sorry that I don't know how much you can use because I have never used it before. My suggestion is to try a small amount at one time because it is very sweet.


Saturday 28th of May 2022

These Strawberry Popsicles are the best! We made them last night with my granddaughters & they were a Hugh hit. Just ordered more molds for their house.

Leigh Oskwarek

Saturday 28th of May 2022

Cherylin, We are so glad that you like the popsicles. Please try some other summer fruits as a variety too in your new molds. Thank you for the 5 star rating. Try some of our other recipes too and share them with your friends.

Fr j

Wednesday 15th of September 2021

When you indicate coconut milk or other ingredients, are you reducing the water or adding it to it... If so, how much

Leigh Oskwarek

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

I think that it is good to use half water and half coconut milk, but I suggest trying it and see if you like it that way. What's nice is that you can try it so many ways to achieve your favorite.