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Keto Chocolate Fudge Recipe

With only 5 ingredients and 10 minutes of prep, you will be enjoying this easy keto chocolate fudge in no time at all! The taste and texture will have you craving more, and this low carb version is only 1.4 net carbs per serving! 

low carb Fudge recipe

Every time my husband and I are away and we pass an old fashioned chocolate or candy store, he always wants to stop in. The first thing he always goes straight to, is the fudge.  

Fudge has never really been my favorite thing, but it’s one of my husband’s favorite things so I decided to give it a try and make it for him.

I honestly thought that making homemade fudge was gonna be hard, and then when you add in the fact that I need to make sugar-free fudge so the rest of my family can have it I thought it was gonna be even harder.

I was so pleasantly surprised that it was easy peasy!! 

Only 5 ingredients and a prep time of fewer than 10 minutes you are gonna have some yummy keto fudge.  

Keto Chocolate

What chocolate is best for keto fudge? 

I’m telling you what I found to be my favorite chocolate for this sugar-free fudge is 2 bars of Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate.

Obviously, it’s unsweetened so you, of course, need to add some sweeteners to it otherwise it’s beyond bitter.  

Most brands of chocolate you find in the store will have sugar added to them. Even bars that say 80% cacao, or 90% cacao. It’s less sugar but still has sugar. 

The Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate is 100% cacao and doesn’t have any sugar added at all. 

It’s common in most grocery stores and it’s not too expensive at all, especially when you can get it on sale. I just bought two 4oz bars for $4.99 and it’s perfect for making a sugar-free keto fudge. 

easy to make Keto Fudge

Eating a plain chocolate bar on keto is ok just make sure it’s the right kind. The unsweetened bakers chocolate by itself isn’t the best idea because of its bitterness.

So if you’re craving some plain chocolate then I recommend trying my favorite option: Lily’s Dark Chocolate. You can get them in chips, or a full bar.  Lily’s is dark chocolate sweetened with stevia but without the aftertaste. 

Another sugar-free chocolate option is ChocZero. After doing some research on it recently we tried it and it’s also very tasty. They have milk chocolate options too, which is my mom’s favorite. 

Using the Right Sweetener for Keto Fudge

Picking the right sweetener is essential to making a really good keto fudge recipe.

If you use a granulated low carb sweetener it won’t dissolve enough and your low carb fudge will taste gritty. So I highly recommend not using it. 

Instead, I use powdered Swerve. It works just like regular powdered sugar and will dissolve so you won’t have any sugar granules in your homemade fudge.  

Another option for a sweetener that I’ve seen people use is instead of a low carb sweetener you can use is a low carb condensed milk. Mix that with your chocolate and it will give you the sweetness you need and the creaminess. 

Check out our amazing homemade sugar-free condensed milk recipe.  

What Fat is Best for Fudge?

Sugar Free Fudge on a board

I liked to use butter for my low carb fudge, that’s what I found to be good. But another alternative is coconut oil, or you can also use sugar-free condensed milk. 

What Ingredients are in Keto Chocolate Fudge

ingredients to make Keto Fudge

Chocolate – My go-to sugar-free chocolate for this keto fudge recipe is Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate 100% cacao. It doesn’t have any sugar in it so it’s very bitter. But combined with a low carb sweetener it’s perfect for this keto chocolate fudge recipe. 

Powdered Swerve – Using a powdered sweetener like swerve, in my opinion, is the best option. It works just like regular powdered sugar and dissolves into the chocolate without it tasting gritty. 

Heavy Cream – This helps your fudge get nice and creamy. I found that using 8 oz of chocolate, ¾ cup of heavy cream was the perfect amount. But add more or less based on your desired texture. 

Vanilla – Again add in how much you want based on your tastebuds. I love vanilla, and with the chocolate being bitter, I added 3 tsp. But you can lower it if you’d like. 

Butter – Be careful about adding too much butter, you need some but not a ton. If you add too much then your fudge can have a layer of butter on top after you take it out of the freezer. I found 2 sticks was too much, so I lowered it to 1 ½ stick. 

How to Make Keto Fudge

This is such an easy recipe to make, just follow my simple steps below:

Start off by chopping your chocolate bars into small pieces. 

cutting chocolate for Keto Fudge

In a large microwaveable bowl combine the chopped chocolate, powdered swerve, vanilla, butter, and heavy cream. 

Place in the microwave and set for 30 seconds at a time, while stirring in between. 

I found using a whisk is the easiest, so keep whisking the mixture until it’s completely smooth. Set aside.

mixing chocolate for sugar free Keto Fudge

Place parchment paper or foil into an 8×8 pan. 

Pour chocolate mixture into baking pan. 

pan full of sugar free Keto Fudge

Take the pan and put in the freezer and let chill for 30-60 minutes. 

Once the fudge has set, then cut into 16 pieces. 

sugar free Fudge on a plate

Wait at least 15 minutes before serving so the fudge can get to room temperature.

If you aren’t going to eat it right away, make sure to keep the fudge in the refrigerator.

Keeping it from sticking

There’s a simple way to make sure your fudge doesn’t stick to the pan. 

An important step to making this fudge correctly is to line your pan with parchment paper or foil. Don’t skip this step! 

DON’T spray the pan with any type of cooking spray, you’ll be adding too much oil and grease to your fudge. With this particular recipe, I used foil. But with my Peanut Butter Fudge, I chose to use parchment paper and it worked great. 

What Container is Best for Fudge?

I’ve been making fudge a lot lately and the best pan I’ve found to be the best is just a basic 8×8 pan. Mine is glass, but if yours is metal that’s fine too.

You always could use a 9×5 loaf pan, but keep in mind your fudge will be really thick. Some of you may prefer that, but I still stick with my trusty 8×8 glass pan. 

How do you Harden Fudge?

Super easy to get your fudge to harden. Just pop it in the freezer for 30-60 minutes! That’s it! I told you it was easy.

I suppose you could put it in the fridge to harden too, but my guess is it’s going to probably take a few hours. So putting it in the fridge makes it ready so much quicker for you to enjoy. 

Cutting Fudge Correctly

Keto Fudge recipe

Once your fudge is set and ready to cut into, take it out of the pan and put it on a cutting board. Make sure your cutting board is bigger than the block of fudge. 

Now that your keto chocolate fudge is on the board and ready, get yourself a large chef’s knife and cut in a straight down motion, cutting the square in half. It’s easier to cut it in half first. 

To avoid the fudge from sticking to your knife, run the knife under water between cuts and wipe the knife with a paper towel or dish towel before making your next cut. 

You can tell that your keto fudge is too cold if it starts to crumble. If that happens then just let it sit out for a few minutes, then finish cutting the fudge. 

Keto Fudge Variations and Toppings

The world is your oyster when it comes to variations on homemade fudge! 

Fudge is one of those things that there are an infinite amount of different things you can add to it that will taste great, all depending on what you like or don’t like. My husband has always been a purist when it comes to fudge…just plain chocolate is his favorite. 

Here are some other things you can add to your homemade sugar-free fudge: 

  • walnuts
  • peanut butter
  • almonds
  • mint
  • marshmallows

My favorite of all of them is probably our Keto Peanut Butter Fudge.

Other Diets this Recipe is Good for

This easy homemade sugar-free fudge is a perfect snack for those who are gluten-free. With all the ingredients containing no gluten at all, it’s a nice and easy recipe to make. 

How to Store Keto Fudge 

Your leftover keto fudge can be stored in either the fridge or the freezer. I recommend putting the leftovers in a container and leave them in the fridge. It will last at least a week or two there.

If  you want your fudge to have a longer shelf life, then storing it in the freezer is a good idea. That way you can just take one piece or two out at a time.

Just let it sit out for a few minutes to soften before eating because otherwise, it will crumble. 

easy sugar free Fudge

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Keto Fudge recipe

Keto Chocolate Fudge Recipe

  • Author: Stephanie Parlegreco
  • Total Time: 40-70 minutes
  • Yield: 16 large squares 1x
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With only 5 ingredients and 10 minutes of prep, you will be enjoying this easy keto chocolate fudge in no time at all!


  • 8 oz unsweetened baker’s chocolate
  • 3 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups powdered swerve
  • 1 ½ sticks butter
  • ¾ cup heavy cream


  1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces. 
  2. In a large microwavable bowl combine chopped chocolate, powdered swerve, vanilla, butter, and heavy cream. 
  3. Place in the microwave for 30-second increments, while stirring in between. 
  4. As the chocolate begins to melt, use a whisk to really mix it in well. 
  5. Place parchment paper or foil in an 8×8 baking dish so it hangs off the side. 
  6. Pour chocolate mixture into the pan.
  7. Take the pan and put it in the freezer for 30-60 minutes. 
  8. Once the fudge has set, then cut into 16 pieces. 


  • Make sure to line your baking dish with foil or parchment paper
  • Use powdered swerve, don’t use a granulated sweetener
  • Use a large chef’s knife to cut your fudge. Rinse with water and wipe in between cuts
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30-60 minutes
  • Category: Desserts
  • Cuisine: American

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John G

Thursday 2nd of February 2023

I made it exactly, and it tastes good all mixed in the bowl and I just put it in the freezer but I noticed a lot of standing butter after I poured it in the glass pan. I mixed it well and the butter was not on top when I poured it. Any tips?

Leigh Oskwarek

Saturday 4th of February 2023

John, Did you happen to use too much butter? Without seeing it I'm not sure what to say. Did you use powdered swerve rather than a granular product because it mixes better and that could be the problem too?


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

This looks amazing. Maybe I missed it but how would one use your sweetened condensed milk for this?

Leigh Oskwarek

Monday 7th of November 2022

To use the sugar-free condensed milk just add it to the fudge in the same measurement as the butter or coconut oil that the recipe calls for.

Camilla Wolfson

Friday 24th of December 2021

Is it possible to make this without the chocolate? I’m trying to make the classic fudge for my partner who is on the Keto diet and I’m trying to replicate the original taste he loves so much

Leigh Oskwarek

Friday 24th of December 2021

Hi Camilla, Thank you for taking a look at our keto chocolate fudge recipe. I'm not sure that I am understanding what you are looking for. The classic flavor of fudge is chocolate, so in that case, yes you need to use chocolate to make it. If you want to try a different flavor, then we have a Keto peanut butter fudge recipe that you can take a look at on our website


Tuesday 21st of December 2021

Hi can I put the fudge in a foil or parchment lined plastic container? All I have is Pyrex and I think it will shatter if I put it into the freezer.

Leigh Oskwarek

Tuesday 21st of December 2021

Hi Shannon, You can freeze the fudge in anything that is freezer-friendly. Foil and parchment paper are both freezer-friendly. You can also use a glass pan in the freezer. It won't break unless you put it from the oven into the freezer, hot to cold. I always freeze lasagna and other casseroles in glass dishes.


Monday 11th of January 2021

HI, thank you for sharing this recipe. I just made it but used the stove instead of microwave... I have never made fudge before (believe it or not) but thought I give it shot... I am not great in the kitchen lol When I finished mixing everything in low heat, I took maybe a minute to put the parchment paper on the pan and poured the mix into the pan. I'm not sure how to explain it but the oil (I think from the butter) was separated from the rest... anyway, I mix it up a bit and still poured onto the pan and in the fridge now for an hour. This is nothing with your recipe being wrong, I know it's a me problem lol just thought I would type now and see if I get any tips for the next time!

Leigh Oskwarek

Tuesday 12th of January 2021

Hi Patricia, I give you credit for trying to make a new recipe that you are not familiar with. I think you should try to make it again, but let me give you a couple of clues. Next time use the microwave instead of the stove. And a tip that I learned is to be careful to use the exact amount of butter. In this case, more is not best. Try these things and hopefully your fudge will come out better.