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Sugar-Free Keto Marshmallows

This is a recipe for sugar-free marshmallows, which may be surprising to you, but trust me, it’s possible! These marshmallows are easy to make and I’m happy to say that these little pillows of sweetness can be made using a sugar substitute and still come out tasting like the real thing!

Sugar-Free Marshmallows on a stick

Sugar-free Keto marshmallows are sweet, and sticky and can be used in your dessert recipes very easily. 

One of the desserts that we all made as kids were s’mores. Whether we were a scout, or just at a family picnic, they are always a favorite of both kids and big kids like us who never grow up and can be made with Keto marshmallows.

You can also eat them plain, use them to top off your low carb hot chocolate, or put them in many other desserts.

That’s why we are excited to show you how they can still fit into your keto/low carb/sugar-free diet plans!

Do Sugar-Free Marshmallows Exist?

Keto Marshmallows on top of graham crackers and chocolate

If you are like me I was surprised to hear that marshmallows could be low carb and sugar-free. After all, one of the things that make us love marshmallows is that they are sweet.

Now we have learned to make them sugar-free, and they are just as tasty as ever!

Are Marshmallows Keto-Friendly?

Traditional marshmallows are not Keto-friendly as they are loaded with sugar.  However, sugar-free marshmallows are keto-friendly since they are made with alternative sweeteners that don’t spike your blood sugar levels. 

I’m happy to say that they are a keto, low carb, and sugar-free snack or dessert and fit into several other diet plans too.

Sugar-Free Keto Marshmallows Stacked on each other

How Many Carbs are in Keto Marshmallows? 

Traditional marshmallows are normally around 6 NET Carbs each which is way too many. And honestly, who can eat just one? So the carbs add up quickly. 

Our sugar-free marshmallows on the other hand are  Zero NET Carbs each, which means you can eat a ton of marshmallows without going over your allotment of net carbs!!

How Many Calories?

Traditional marshmallows are high in calories because they are pure sugar and corn syrup, which makes them add up quickly. Regular marshmallows are 100 calories for 4 pieces.

Instead, Sugar-free marshmallows have 1 calorie each to be exact, and are completely fat-free too. That’s a huge difference from traditional ones.

What Ingredients are in Sugar-Free Marshmallows?

Best Sugar-Free Marshmallows

Keto marshmallows are easy to make and are made with only 5 ingredients:

  • Water – Just plain water mixed together with the other ingredients.
  • Sweetener – The best sweetener for marshmallows in my opinion is Allulose.
  • Gelatin – Unflavored powder.
  • Salt – Any type is fine, even though sea salt seems to be the most commonly used.
  • Vanilla – Just a little bit gives the marshmallows a nice flavor.

Sweetener Options

Regular white sugar is not an option in any low carb recipe because store-bought marshmallows have 24 grams of carbs and 17 grams of sugar per serving. Instead, we need to use a low carb sweetener as a substitute. 

The easiest ones to use for any low carb recipe are the ones that convert 1 to 1, meaning that if a recipe calls for one cup of sugar you want your low carb sweetener to also be around one cup.

The next thing I look for in a sweetener is the texture because some are granular and some are powdered which could make a difference in how your recipe turns out.

There are several types of low carb/zero carb sweeteners you can use for marshmallows but some are better than others. 

  • Allulose -The best tasting, cooking, and texture.
  • Swerve – This is good tasting but does not cook up as well as allulose. 
  • Monk Fruit – This sugar substitute is good in flavor but too gritty.
  • Bocha Sweet – This is a sweetener that will convert 1 to 1, but not as smooth as allulose.
  • Stevia – This is a liquid that will not convert 1 to 1 like sugar so it would be hard to get the volume you need for marshmallows. 

I have used all of these sweeteners, and they are all good in their own ways. The best low carb sweetener for making marshmallows is Allulose because it measures 1 to 1, and when you cook it down it dissolves well which will achieve that smooth texture you want. 

Some of the other sweeteners can leave your marshmallows feeling gritty, whereas the allulose gives you the desired smoothness that you think of with marshmallows.

Different Variations

Sugar-Free Marshmallows in hot chocolate

What’s nice about this keto marshmallow recipe is that it is very versatile and can be made is different flavors and shapes.

You can change the flavor by adding other things:

  • Adding extra Vanilla
  • Chocolate

Adding other extracts:

  • Mint
  • Maple
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Peppermint

You can change the shape and size of your marshmallows by:

  • Cutting your marshmallows into different sizes
  • Using Cookie Cutters of different shapes

You can also make the marshmallows in different colors besides white by:

  • Adding a few drops of food coloring to the mix
  • Adding fruit juice to the mix

How to Make Keto Marshmallows

Keto marshmallows are so easy to make and we will show you step by step how to do it.

STEP 1: Get an 8 x 8-inch glass pan and line it with a piece of parchment paper.

STEP 2: Pour ½ cup warm water into a large bowl and add the gelatin. Stir well with a whisk and then set aside.

STEP 3: Add the other ½ cup of water to a saucepan along with the Allulose, and salt, then heat over a medium heat stove burner until hot but not boiling, stirring frequently.

As it heats up the color will change to a translucent color. Remove from the burner when small bubbles start to form around the edges of the pan.

How to make Keto Marshmallows

STEP 4: When you remove it from the stove, stir in the vanilla.

adding vanilla to saucepan

Now pour the mixture into the bowl with the gelatin.

pouring mixture into mixer bowl

STEP 5: The next step is to use your mixer, starting on low and working your way to high speed, which will probably take about 15 minutes total.

The volume will double in size as it whips up and will turn to a fluffy white color with stiff white peaks.

Sugar-Free Marshmallows whipped in a mixer

STEP 6: Pour it into the prepared baking dish and refrigerate overnight, until firm and not sticky.

STEP 7: Remove from the parchment paper and cut into squares and serve.

FAQs & Best Tips

I’m sure there are some questions that may be running through your mind about this recipe, so we will attempt to answer some of them now. We will also share with you some helpful tips so you can achieve the smooth and spongy marshmallows that you have always loved.

  • Use a large bowl so that the white sticky marshmallow specks do not splash all over your kitchen.
  • Better yet, if you have a mixer bowl it’s a good time to use it so that you do not have to hold the hand mixer for around 15 minutes straight. However, if that is all you have then it still works well. 
  • When you begin to mix the marshmallows, the vanilla turns the mixture brown. If you are like me you will wonder why you added it, and think that you ruined the color of the marshmallows. Don’t worry, they will turn white as they whip, whip, and whip.
  • The vanilla is not necessary but I think it adds a nice flavor to the low carb marshmallows. You can add an additional teaspoon or two if you want to for extra flavor.
  • If your marshmallows are a bit sticky then sprinkle them with a dusting of powdered swerve to soak up the stickiness.
  • To give your marshmallows just a slight chocolate taste, sprinkle them with a bit of powdered cocoa.
Best Sugar-Free Marshmallows Recipe

How to Make Keto Marshmallows Fluffier?

To make marshmallows fluffier, just reduce the amount of gelatin in the recipe. Cut it in half and then follow the rest of the ingredients and steps the same way you normally would. Doing this will make them even fluffier.

Can You Roast Keto Marshmallows?

In case you are wondering, these sugar-free keto marshmallows can easily be roasted over a campfire. You just have to let them dry out a little bit in order to roast them so they don’t melt too much. 

Once you cut them they are in perfect squares for roasting, so just let them dry out a couple of hours until they harden a little. Then they are ready to stick on your skewer to heat them over the fire.

Just make sure you only roast them for several seconds because they can melt very quickly, more quickly than regular marshmallows.

How to Make Sugar-Free Marshmallows Less Sticky?

If your sugar-free marshmallows are sticky when you are trying to work with them, just dust them with a little powdered swerve which will absorb some of that. 

It reminds me when you are working with sticky pie or pizza dough, by dusting it with a little flour it absorbs the stickiness so that you will be able to work with it better.

How to Eat Keto Marshmallows?

Sugar-Free Marshmallows in hot chocolate

Marshmallows have been a part of our diet since we were kids. When kids see marshmallows their eyes light up with excitement, just to pop those fluffy pillow-like squares into their mouth!

  • Heat them over the fire until they get soft and gooey.
  • Add some squares of Hershey chocolate and graham crackers for perfect s’mores.
  • The perfect topping for sugar-free hot chocolate.
  • Can add them to your low carb cereal bowl. 
  • When your cookies come out of the oven, stick a few pieces of keto marshmallows on top and allow them to cool. Your cookies will now have a gooey marshmallow topping.
  • In a bowl with chocolate sauce and fruit compote on top.
  • Dipped in melted chocolate.
  • On top of your keto ice cream.
  • Ice cream sundae on top of keto chaffles.
  • Marshmallow fluff is a good combo with peanut butter for a low carb fluffernutter sandwich on low carb bread.

Can I Make S’mores with Keto Marshmallows?

You can easily make S’mores with keto marshmallows, in fact, it’s probably the best way of using them. 

You can make s’mores by roasting the marshmallows over a fire or grill, or even in your oven when it’s too cold or raining outside. Cook them the same way as you would with regular marshmallows, just for less time since Keto marshmallows melt more quickly.

Once you make your keto marshmallows, let them set up and then cut them into squares and let them dry out a bit and they will make yummy s’mores.

You can use:

  • Lilly’s or any other sugar free chocolate
  • Keto graham crackers

TIP: Once they are over the fire, do not overheat them or else they will melt. A couple of seconds is all it takes to soften them enough.

How to Store Marshmallows

Sugar-Free Marshmallows on the table

Marshmallows can be stored either on the counter or in the refrigerator, but in my opinion, the best way to store your keto marshmallows is in the refrigerator because they will last longer. 

Marshmallows will last up to 30 days in the refrigerator when wrapped tightly, whereas if you leave them on the counter, even though they may be wrapped tightly they will only stay fresh for about 5-7 days.

For the best results, you can either cover them with a piece of plastic which will prevent them from hardening from the outside or place them in an airtight plastic container, single layer on parchment paper, so they don’t stick together.

Can You Freeze Sugar-Free Marshmallows?

Sugar-free marshmallows will freeze well, like most other foods, as long as you wrap them properly. 

For your best results freeze them on a tray or cookie sheet covered with a piece of parchment paper, single layer. Once they are solid, then put them in an airtight container or freezer bag and freeze them for up to 2-3 months.

A good way to freeze your marshmallows is in ice cube trays. That way when you want to eat them just pop them out just like you would ice cubes. It’s a brilliant idea!

To thaw out your keto marshmallows just take them out and they can thaw in the refrigerator or on the counter.

Other Diets This Recipe is Good For

Keto Sugar-Free Marshmallows
  • Keto/Low Carb – There are zero carbs in keto marshmallows.
  • Gluten-free – There is no gluten in all types of marshmallows. 
  • Dairy-free – Marshmallows do not have any dairy in them.
  • Sugar-free – We use a sugar alternative to make these keto marshmallows.
  • Vegetarian – There are no meat products in marshmallows.
  • Paleo -A great sweet treat for our paleo readers….wow, paleo marshmallows!!
  • Nut-free -Nuts or nut products are not an ingredient in keto marshmallows.

Where Can You Buy Sugar-Free Marshmallows?

Even though it is very easy to make your own sugar-free marshmallows, you may want to buy some. Amazon has several brands, but they will typically be more expensive than making your own.

  • La Nouba marshmallows
  • Max Mallow
  • LC Foods

Tools to Use

It is so simple to make our keto/low carb marshmallows and you don’t need too many kitchen tools.

  • Large, deep mixing bowl
  • Hand Electric Mixer, or Stand Mixer 
  • Saucepan
  • Parchment Paper
  • 8 x 8 square glass pan
How to Make Sugar-Free Marshmallows

Other Low Carb Dessert Recipes

If you’re in the mood for some other rich and delicious, Keto-friendly Desserts, check out our:

Homemade Keto Ice Cream

They all are Keto-friendly and low carb, and will be a hit with your family and friends!

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Sugar-Free Marshmallows Recipe

Sugar-Free Keto Marshmallows

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  • Author: Leigh Oskwarek
  • Total Time: 30 minutes + refrigerate overnight
  • Yield: 50 1-inch Marshmallows 1x
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If you are like me you will be happily surprised to find out that Keto Marshmallows exist! You will be so happy to see how easy it is to make them. It only takes a few ingredients, along with a few minutes of your time and you end up with every kids’ dream…marshmallows! And they are every mothers’ dream too…sugar-free!

These keto marshmallows are sweet and sticky just like the real thing and can be eaten on their own or in your favorite smores and hot chocolate.


  • 1 cup of water, divided into 2 equal portions.
  • 2 Tbsp unflavored, powdered gelatin
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 ½ cups allulose 
  • ¼ tsp salt



Zero NET Carbs

When using a bowl and hand mixer to blend your ingredients, use a deep bowl because the little white specks of the marshmallow will splash all over your backsplash, counters, and anything around it.

We used a kitchen lighter, to toast up the keto marshmallows, to keep them from melting so easily.

I tried to soften the marshmallow in the microwave for 10 seconds and it was a disaster. It melted and practically disappeared, so DON’T DO IT.

Reheating: This is not a step that you should take with your keto marshmallows because they are delicate while heating and you will end up with a puddle of melted marshmallows.

Storing: These sugar-free marshmallows are easy to store. They can be stored on the counter for 5-7 days as long as you cover them with plastic wrap or in an airtight container. After that, they should be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Freezing: The same is true when freezing the low-carb marshmallows, properly wrapped to avoid freezer burn. They can last up to 3 months. Another way to freeze your marshmallows is in ice cube trays which will give you individual treats when you feel like taking out just 1 or 2 at a time. Just be sure to wrap them.

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Category: Desserts
  • Method: Stovetop
  • Cuisine: American
Recipe rating 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star


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I was wondering if this would work with adding inulin? I would appreciate any suggestions how to do so, please. Thank you.

Leigh Oskwarek

Tuesday 16th of May 2023

Jodi, I'm sorry but I do not have an answer for you using inulin.