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Almond Flour Keto Biscuits

Keto biscuits are another good example of how you can make your favorite delicious foods out of low carb ingredients. They are really simple to make and a pretty good imitation of the biscuits you may be used to eating.

Low Carb Biscuits with Almond Flour

Since I started eating a low carb diet over 3 years ago for my health, I have not been able to eat some of the foods that I really love because they have way too many carbs. 

Some of the things I missed the most are bread, rolls, biscuits…etc. That’s why we finally gave it a try and decided to make this keto biscuit recipe. 

These are southern-style biscuits you eat with your meal and can spread with butter, or they also can be spread with jam if you prefer.

To my surprise, after trying a few times they finally came out so good and we’re so happy to share this keto biscuit recipe with you. Low carb biscuits with almond flour are so easy to make and delicious to eat!

They are a bit different from our fathead Keto dinner rolls as these biscuits don’t have cheese in them and are more similar to traditional biscuits.

What are Almond Flour Biscuits?

It’s a simple answer to this question. Almond flour biscuits are biscuits that are made with almond flour instead of traditional white flour, which makes them low carb instead of high carb.

Do they Taste Like Regular Biscuits?

They are not as flaky and do not rise as much without the starch and gluten, but they are excellent. They are delicious, they smell good and you will want to eat several all at once.

When the low carb biscuits came out of the oven, I put some butter on them and they were so good and very similar to regular biscuits.

When they cooled off I put some raspberry jam on one and it was so good that I forgot I was eating a low carb biscuit.

Are Biscuits Healthy?

Low Carb Biscuit Recipe

The regular biscuits that are made with white flour and that you are used to eating are not a very healthy choice.

These are the nutritional facts in one regular biscuit:

  • 200-280 calories
  • 9-13 grams fat
  • 21-35 net carbs
  • 3-5 grams protein
  • 1 gram fiber

On the other hand, Keto almond flour biscuits are a much better choice rather than regular biscuits and are healthy for you to eat. They have a lot of good ingredients in them and a lot more nutrition.

For one almond flour biscuit here is the nutrition information:

  • 203 calories
  • 17 grams of fat
  • 2.4 net carbs
  • 0.8 grams of sugar
  • 7.5 grams of protein
  • 2.2 grams of fiber

They have fewer calories, fewer carbs, more protein, and more fat which is ok on a low carb or Keto diet.

Baking with Almond Flour

Keto Biscuits with jam and butter

The nice thing about baking with almond flour is that it is low carb because it’s made from just 100% ground almonds.  For ¼ cup, it’s only 3 NET Carbs.

However, baking with almond flour is not the same as working with traditional flour, so you can’t expect that the biscuits will come out exactly the same as what you may be used to. 

That being said, we can duplicate a lot of different recipes using almond flour pretty well and make versions that are pretty similar to the originals.

How Many Carbs are in Keto Biscuits?

Regular southern biscuits are absolutely filled with carbs and are NOT ok to eat on a low carb or Keto diet.  When I researched regular biscuits, I found that they can range from 17-35 NET Carbs per biscuit.

Instead, our keto-friendly biscuits with almond flour are only 2.4 NET Carbs for each one.

The major difference between regular biscuits and low carb biscuits comes from the flour. Then depending on the recipe, there could be other ingredients that are also not ok on a low carb diet.

For example, regular biscuits use buttermilk which has more carbs than the cream we use in our low carb biscuits. Some recipes even add a little sugar, which makes the carbs go even higher!

What Ingredients are Low Carb Biscuits?

Keto Biscuits ingredients

Almond Flour – This is the base ingredient for Keto almond flour biscuits. Ground almonds make a fine flour that is used heavily in low carb baking.

Heavy Cream – Heavy cream is used a lot in low carb cooking because the carbs are lower than in milk. It’s rich in flavor and heavier in texture so a little goes a long way.

Lemon Juice – The tartness in the lemon juice when added to the cream turns the cream into mock buttermilk which is good for making the best flaky keto biscuits.

Egg – Eggs help bind the dough together.

Baking Powder – Like in regular biscuits, the baking powder helps the keto biscuits to rise.

Xanthan Gum – This is a thickening agent that is critical in making the biscuits come out fluffy like regular ones.

Butter – It’s best to use salted butter. Also, the best results come from freezing the butter and then grating it with a box grater which we’ll show you how to do.

Paleo Thin Egg White Protein – Using this egg white protein cuts down on calories from using several real eggs, plus they don’t give the biscuits an egg flavor as much as if you used a bunch of real eggs.

Is Almond Flour or Coconut Flour Better for Keto Biscuits?

In many low carb recipes, you’ll find that almond flour and coconut flour are sometimes interchangeable and can be substituted for each other.

We use almond flour in our keto biscuit recipe but I have read that you can add some coconut flour to the biscuit batter too. But they are not equal to each other and not interchangeable one for one.  

Coconut flour is much drier and requires more liquid to be added to the biscuits and we did not find it necessary in this recipe.

Do I Need to Use Sour Cream in these Biscuits?

There are a bunch of ingredients that you can use to make the best keto biscuits and in order to achieve similar results as regular biscuits and adding sour cream is one of them. 

People use full-fat sour cream in replacement for butter. It may make biscuits extra tender but it also makes the biscuit taste like sour cream. 

I like the taste of butter better, so when we made this low carb biscuit recipe we did not use sour cream. I think using frozen butter gives the keto biscuits a more authentic flavor and texture.

Different Variations of Low Carb Biscuits

Low Carb Almond Flour Biscuits

Once you have mastered making a basic low carb biscuit, now you can make other variations.

Cheese is a popular flavor in biscuits, whether they are regular or low carb biscuits. 2 great cheeses you can add to these biscuits are either cheddar or parmesan.

Seasoning Options

If you want to add some seasonings to your low carb biscuits with almond flour you can be creative, depending on your taste buds. Here are a few choices to change the flavor:

  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Rosemary
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Paprika
  • Cayenne

Can I Make These Sweet Biscuits?

If you want to make the keto-friendly biscuits with almond flour sweet then add 2 tablespoons of powdered Swerve sweetener. That should be enough and add that little extra sweetness you are looking for.

I love spreading raspberry jam on the biscuits too, it’s like having a dessert.

And speaking of dessert, these easy keto biscuits make a great base for everyone’s favorite summer treat, strawberry shortcake.

Can I Use Buttermilk in Low Carb Biscuits?

Even though buttermilk is a common ingredient in regular biscuits, it’s also high in carbs, so it’s not a low carb ingredient you want to use in this recipe.

Instead, we made imitation buttermilk for our keto biscuit recipe. It works very well and gives you a similar result.

It’s really easy, just mix the lemon juice with the heavy cream, let it sit for 5 minutes and it starts to turn the cream into mock buttermilk.

Tools to Use

  • To mix up the batter, I use a whisk and a large bowl.
  • To brush the tops of the low carb biscuits with butter or cream you will need a pastry brush.
  • To grate the frozen butter, use a box grater.
  • Baking sheet
  • To bake the keto biscuits, you will need parchment paper to line the baking sheet. 

How to Make Keto Biscuits with Almond Flour from Scratch 

Let’s show you step by step how to make these low carb biscuits with almond flour.

STEP 1: First, get a small bowl and add the heavy cream and then add the lemon juice to the cream. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes. It will sour the cream a little to resemble buttermilk.

STEP 2: Then add the egg to the cream and beat it together with a whisk.

STEP 3: Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, one at a time. I don’t think it really matters what order they are added, just add them all and then mix them all together once that is done.

STEP 4: The next step is to grate your frozen butter with a box grater.

STEP 5: With a spoon or your hands mix the butter in with the rest of the dough, but just enough to mix it in and not overmix. You will see the lumps of butter in the dough, but that is normal.

STEP 6: With your hands pull out the dough in biscuit size portions.

Keto Biscuits rolled in balls on baking tray

Place them on a cookie sheet covered with a piece of parchment paper and lightly flatten the tops.

Keto Biscuits before baking in the oven

There is no need to space them far apart because they do not spread out too much. It’s ok even if they touch because it may cause them to rise a little higher.

STEP 7: Bake them at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes, but keep an eye on them toward the end to make sure they are not getting too dark.

Keto Almond Flour Biscuits after baking in the oven

STEP 8: Let them sit for a few minutes before removing them from the cookie sheet. Now it’s time to serve your best low carb biscuits.

Keto Almond Flour Biscuits on cooling rack

Best Tips

Freeze the butter: In all of my attempts at making this low carb biscuit recipe, every time I froze the butter and then grated it with a box grater, they always came out the best. Make sure not to skip this step.

Don’t overmix the dough, because it will make tough almond flour biscuits. The dough will be crumbly but that is normal.

The keto almond flour biscuits do not spread, so bake them close together in order to aid them in growing up instead of out.

Mix them by hand: Keto biscuits with almond flour turn out better when you mix them by hand instead of with an electric mixer.

The right temperature of the ingredients: Start with cold ingredients and then refrigerate after the dough is mixed before baking. It will make keto-friendly biscuits flakier. 

Do not roll the dough when placing them on the cookie sheet, just put them on loosely with a cookie scoop.

Brush the tops: In our opinion, you want the tops of the biscuits to be golden brown, so brush them before baking with cream or melted butter.

Do NOT Overcook: Keto biscuits with almond flour will continue to cook on the cooling rack so do not overcook them in the oven.

Keeping Keto Biscuits Flakey and Not Dry

Keto-Friendly Biscuits with butter spread on top

Let’s face it, what we love about biscuits is when they are nice and flakey. No one wants a rock-hard biscuit.  Here are some things that will help them come out flakey:

  • By freezing the butter and grating it into the dough it helps to make the low carb biscuits with almond flour flaky.
  • Also making the low carb biscuits with very cold ingredients will help them to be flaky.
  • If you add coconut flour to the biscuits, do not add too much or else they will be dry.
  • By making your own low carb buttermilk and mixing cream, and lemon juice, it will add to the flakiness of the biscuits.
  • Adding sour cream to the low carb biscuits can also make them flaky.

My Biscuits Didn’t Rise Enough

There are a few different reasons why your keto low carb biscuits with almond flour might not rise enough. You have to keep in mind that when dealing with low carb ingredients, they do not act the same as other ingredients.

Let me give you a few tips that I have learned while trying to perfect the keto biscuit recipe.

  • To help them to rise better, if biscuits touch each other they will get bigger and taller. 
  • Chill the ingredients before mixing up the dough. Then chill the prepared dough in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before baking the biscuits.
  • If you have trouble with biscuits rising, try baking them at a hotter temperature because that will make the biscuits rise quickly, which will leave less time to spread out.
  • Some people make their biscuits in a muffin tin so that they will rise instead of spreading out.

Other Diets This Recipe is Good For

  • Gluten-free – Happily there are no ingredients in the biscuits with gluten.
  • Paleo – If you take out the butter and replace it with coconut oil.
  • Vegan – Take out the cream and use almond milk or soy milk. Also, use coconut oil instead of butter.

Making Paleo Almond Flour Biscuits

In order to make Paleo almond flour biscuits, a small change to the ingredients need to be made. Remember, keep the batter simple. 

The only thing that needs replacing is the butter, and you can do that with coconut oil. Otherwise, all of the other ingredients are paleo acceptable.

  • Almond flour 
  • Baking powder
  • Egg
  • Salt
  • Coconut oil

How to Make These Biscuits Vegan

Vegans do not eat eggs or dairy, so it may be a little more complicated to make these biscuits vegan but it can be done. Here is what you need:

  • Almond flour
  • Salt
  • Baking Powder
  • Vegan margarine or coconut oil (instead of butter)
  • Almond milk or soy milk (instead of cream)

What to Serve with Low Carb Biscuits

Low Carb Biscuits with butter and jam

There are so many foods that go so well with the best low carb biscuits. We have a lot of them on our website too.

  • Keto almond flour biscuits go so well on the side of salads and soups.
  • They also go good with keto fried chicken and pot roast dinners.
  • Breakfast is a good time to eat biscuits, either as a sweet treat with jam or sugar-free maple syrup on them. 
  • Sandwiches for breakfast are delicious too. Just put your favorite meat, type of egg, and some cheese. Now you have just made the best low carb biscuit sandwich!!
  • I think of a big turkey dinner with low carb biscuits being the compliment to it. 
  • Who doesn’t love biscuits and gravy?!?! Use these easy to make, keto almond flour biscuits with some delicious low carb keto gravy.
  • Turning them into dessert is also a delicious option with biscuits. Make some good old fashioned strawberry shortcake with low carb biscuits, fresh strawberries, and low carb whipped cream.
  • Another great option is to make the biscuits bigger, but a little flatter to duplicate a hamburger bun and have a nice bacon cheeseburger!!

Making a Low Carb Breakfast Sandwich with Almond Flour Biscuits

This is the fun part of the recipe for me. If you know anything about me, I have made hundreds of thousands of egg sandwiches over the years, for my husband, kids, and friends. They all get excited when I say that I am making them egg sandwiches.

I usually use English muffins or hard rolls, but now that I have learned how to make low carb biscuits it’s easy to make the same delicious sandwich.

The best egg sandwiches have bacon or sausage, usually over easy egg unless someone wants scrambled instead. And don’t forget the shredded cheddar cheese! 

Ketchup is also an option. When we first got married my husband used to put ketchup on his sandwich to cover up the other ingredients, but he has not used ketchup for 44 years!

Let me show you how I make these egg sandwiches: 

  1. Have your meat cooked ahead of time.
  2. Slice open the biscuit. If you like it warm, stick it in the toaster oven and heat it up.
  3. Place your bacon or sausage on the bottom half of the biscuit.
  4. Now make your egg. Then put the egg on top of the meat.
  5. Add the cheddar cheese and place the top half on top.
  6.  Now You are ready to eat.

Tip: The best bacon to use hands down is Oscar Mayer, and the best sausage is Jones.

How to Store Keto Biscuits

Easy Keto Biscuits

It’s easy to store the leftover almond flour biscuits. Just place the keto biscuits in an airtight container and either store them on the counter for 4-5 days or in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Should You Refrigerate Keto Biscuits?

If I am not going to finish my leftover keto biscuits in a day or 2, I always put them in the refrigerator. They always will last longer that way.

When we eat the leftovers we always heat them up and put butter on them, so it’s better to refrigerate them.

How to Reheat Almond Flour Biscuits

The best way to reheat the almond flour biscuits is to slice them in half and put them either in the toaster oven or in the microwave, and then put some butter on it. Now you can enjoy the best Keto biscuits!!

Can You Freeze Biscuits?

Keto almond flour biscuits can definitely go in the freezer, just like any other bread product. Just be sure to wrap them up very well in an airtight container and then stick them in a Ziploc bag, that way they are double protected.

If properly stored, they should last 3-4 months.

Then when you want to take them out, even one at a time, Just thaw it on the counter or in the refrigerator or even on warm in the toaster oven. Then slice and enjoy the best keto biscuits!

Keto Biscuits on a tray with a spatula

Other Low Carb Recipes:

If you’re in the mood for some other Keto-friendly Recipes, check out our:

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All of them are Keto-friendly and low carb, and will have your friends raving!

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Low Carb Keto Biscuits

Almond Flour Keto Biscuits

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  • Author: Leigh Oskwarek
  • Total Time: 27 minutes
  • Yield: 12 Biscuits (1 Biscuits Per Serving) 1x
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Keto biscuits are another good example of how you can make your favorite recipes out of low carb ingredients. They are really easy to make and a pretty good substitute for the biscuits you may be used to eating. Cover these low carb almond flour biscuits with butter or jam, and serve them at dinner on the side of your favorite main course.


  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice
  • ½ cup Heavy Cream
  • 1 large Egg
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp Xanthan Gum
  • 2 cups Almond flour
  • ⅓ cup Butter
  • ⅓ cup Paleo Thin Egg White Protein



2.4 NET Carbs Per Biscuit

Here are a few tips to achieve making the best low carb biscuits!

In all of my attempts at making keto biscuits, every time that I froze the butter and then grated it with a box grater, they always came out the best.

Do not overmix the dough, because it will make the keto biscuits tough. The dough will be crumbly but that is normal.

The almond flour biscuits do not spread out far, so bake them close together in order to aid them in growing up instead of out.

Biscuits turn out better when you mix them by hand instead of with an electric mixer.

Start with cold ingredients and then refrigerate the dough before baking. It will make the low carb biscuits flakier.

Do not roll the dough when placing them on the cookie sheet, just put them loosely with your hands or a cookie scoop.

If you want the tops to come out golden brown, then brush them before baking with cream or melted butter.

The almond flour biscuits will continue to cook on the cooling rack so do not overcook them in the oven.

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 12 minutes
  • Category: Side Dishes
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: American
Recipe rating 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star


Thursday 4th of November 2021

What can I use instead of the egg white powder?


Monday 23rd of January 2023

@Leigh Oskwarek, What's the fresh egg whites ratio & should I whip them before adding?

Leigh Oskwarek

Thursday 4th of November 2021

Hi Betty, There are a few substitutes for egg white powder: Fresh egg whites Meringue powder Aquafaba Flax seeds Xanthan gum Chia seeds Gelatin