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Keto Coffee Creamer (9 Flavors)

Morning coffee is a staple for most people, which means if you are on a low-carb diet you need a Keto Coffee Creamer! With just 5 ingredients and less than 1 net carb per serving, our keto creamer is super easy and a must-have in your fridge.

Keto Creamer

I can’t start my day without a coffee, which means that I can’t start my day without my creamer too. I’ve changed my stance on creamers over the last few years. I used to like my coffee super sweet and used a lot of different creamers.

However, lately, I’ve been drinking my coffee not nearly as sweet, and vanilla is pretty much my favorite flavor. 

Unfortunately, most coffee creamers that are sold in the store are not keto-friendly and that’s a problem if you are trying to stay low carb.

Today we’ve brought you a keto coffee creamer that is perfect for those who are on low carb, diabetic, or who are just trying to consume less sugar, and artificial ingredients. However, if you are looking for a coffee creamer on keto then I think you guys are going to really enjoy this one.

It makes the perfect addition to our Keto Coffee recipe, and once you try it, you won’t be able to live without it!

Is Coffee Creamer Keto-Friendly?

Have you been wondering if you can enjoy coffee creamer while still remaining on keto? Well, it’s a yes and no answer. 

Most commercial coffee creamers that you will find in the grocery store are unfortunately loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and tons of other ingredients honestly I can’t even pronounce.

Who wants that? I know I don’t, which is why we came up with a much cleaner and healthier low carb creamer.

How Many Carbs?

The carb difference between our homemade sugar-free coffee creamer and store-bought creamers may shock you!

Let me show you the difference.

  • Our Homemade Sugar-Free Coffee Creamer has 0.2 NET CARBS for 4 Tablespoons. 
  • International Delight French Vanilla Coffee Creamer: 20 NET CARBS for 4 Tablespoons. 
  • Silk Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer: 16 NET CARBS for 4 Tablespoons.

What Else Can I Put in My Coffee on Keto?

Keto-Friendly Coffee Creamer

If you don’t want a keto coffee creamer, there are other options you can add to your coffee while on keto. Here are a few things that quickly come to my mind: 

  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Full-fat Coconut Milk 
  • Heavy Cream 
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Grass-Fed Butter or Ghee
  • Unsweetened Cashew Milk
  • MCT Oil 
  • Collagen 
  • Sugar-Free Condensed Milk 
  • Half & Half – Technically not keto, but a small amount is fine.

Make Bulletproof Coffee

I’m working on a recipe for Bulletproof Coffee as we speak, and it should be ready soon. I

For those of you who don’t know what Bulletproof Coffee is, it’s black coffee mixed with MCT Oil, Grass-Fed Butter, a tiny splash of heavy cream, oh and mine has a touch of vanilla extract for some added flavor. 

Stay tuned for the recipe…in the meantime, I hope you enjoy our no-carb coffee creamer which you can add to a regular cup of black coffee.

MCT Oil in Coffee

MCT oil is great for weight loss, your metabolism, and even your brain. A lot of people love adding it to their morning coffee. A few teaspoons added to your coffee can be a great addition when on keto. 

MCT oil has been used in place of coconut oil, and mostly used when making Bulletproof coffee. MCT oil also comes in powder form, which is great for travel or life on the go.

What to Limit & Avoid

Always pay attention to what you put in your drinks, including your coffee and especially your coffee creamer.

Black coffee is always keto-friendly, but it’s the ingredients you can add to it where you need to be careful. Even just a teaspoon of sugar can be too many carbs for your daily intake, and honestly just may not be worth it, hence the reason we brought you a low carb creamer. 

Things to limit and try to avoid when it comes to coffee creamers are: 

  • Different varieties of milk products – Heavy cream is your best keto milk option, but regular milk or other kinds of nut milk that are SWEETENED will add more carbs than necessary.  
  • Artificial Sweeteners – This is what you want and need to avoid. Consuming anything artificial is not a healthy option, and can cause upset stomachs or other health issues. 
  • Added Sugars – Avoid using cane sugar or any products that contain sugar.

Homemade Keto Coffee Creamer Ingredients

Keto Coffee Creamer ingredients
  • Heavy Cream – Adds rich and creamy flavor to your sugar-free coffee creamer. 
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk – Needs to be unsweetened. 
  • Low Carb Sweetener – Use your favorite low carb sweetener. I used granulated monk fruit, and it worked perfectly because it was heated on the stove until dissolved. 
  • Water – Helps to thin out the creamer. 
  • Flavors –  I used vanilla extract in this recipe, but there are many other flavors you can use…we will get into all your options.

Sweetener Options

We like to use granulated Monk Fruit in our keto coffee creamer, I didn’t find that it had a funky aftertaste at all, which a lot of low carb sweeteners do. 

A couple of other options that you can use in the keto-friendly creamer are: 

  • Powdered Swerve
  • Powdered Monk Fruit
  • Stevia 
  • Allulose

Different Flavors of Sugar-Free Coffee Creamer

Low Carb Keto Coffee Creamer in a jar

Ok, let’s get into your flavor options for this keto coffee creamer recipe. We have created 9 different recipes all with a completely different flavor profile. You really can use basically any liquid extract, but here are some of my favorites. 

I have the quantities in the Recipe Card, but let your taste buds really be your guide because some extracts and flavors are stronger than others. Always start off with less, then you can add more if needed. 

  • Vanilla Creamer – My personal favorite…Vanilla Extract
  • Hazelnut Creamer – Hazelnut Extract 
  • Chocolate Creamer – Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Extract 
  • Coconut Creamer – Coconut Extract 
  • Raspberry Creamer – Raspberry Extract 
  • Pumpkin Creamer – Pumpkin Pie Spice 
  • Almond Creamer – Almond Extract 
  • Peppermint Mocha – Peppermint Extract and Cocoa Powder
  • Cinnamon Dolce Creamer – Ground Cinnamon

How to Make the BEST Keto Coffee Creamer

Let’s learn how to make the best keto coffee creamer….it’s beyond EASY! 

STEP 1: In a small saucepan add the sweetener and the water, then stir together.

STEP 2: Place the saucepan on the stove and set it to medium-low heat, constantly stirring. Do not bring to a boil. Let simmer until the sweetener is completely dissolved and is translucent.

heating water and sweetener on the stove

STEP 3: Remove from the heat. Add the heavy cream, unsweetened almond milk, and vanilla. Whisk until it’s all combined.

STEP 4: Let the creamer cool to room temperature.

mixing all creamer ingredients together

STEP 5: Pour the creamer into a mason jar or any other container with a lid.

STEP 6: Store in the fridge for 7 days.

Tips & FAQs

Here are some helpful tips we have for making keto coffee creamer: 

  • Let your taste buds be your guide when it comes to the amount of each extract you add to the keto creamer for coffee. 
  • Use a funnel to transfer the creamer into a jar. It is the easiest and cleanest way. 
  • Dairy-Free and Vegan Option: Replace the heavy cream with full-fat coconut milk. 
  • Nut-Free Option: Replace the almond milk with full-fat coconut milk. 
  • Do not boil the sweetener and water combo, just let it simmer.
Best Keto Coffee Creamer

Is Plain Cream Keto-Friendly?

Yes!! Plain heavy cream is very keto-friendly and is used in so many different keto recipes. I love a good coffee creamer, but I know there are some out there who prefer their coffee with just cream. If that describes you, then here are your 2 options: 

  • Heavy Cream: This is the best keto option. 

Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream – 1 Tablespoon has 0 net carbs.  

  • Half and Half: While technically half and half means that it’s half heavy cream and half whole milk, it’s still pretty low in carbs. So it’s up to you if you feel comfortable using it. 

Organic Valley Half & Half – 2 Tablespoons has 1 net carb. 

TIP: When using dairy products such as heavy cream or even Half & Half, try to use organic or grass-fed. It’s Non-GMO and is much better for you.

Is Milk Keto-Friendly?

Regular milk is not really keto-friendly because of the carb content. So I don’t recommend using it if you are making a keto-friendly coffee creamer. 

However, if you are not counting your carbs, then sure go ahead and try replacing the heavy cream with whole milk instead. I have not tried it myself, so I’m not exactly sure how it will taste.

Can You Make Sugar-Free Coffee Creamer Dairy-Free?

Need a dairy-free creamer? No problem! Replace the heavy cream with full-fat coconut milk instead. Yup, it’s that simple.

Can You Make Keto Coffee Creamer Nut-Free?

Yes, you can make a keto creamer for coffee nut-free. Instead of using almond milk, replace it with full-fat coconut milk instead. Be sure to use the liquid kind that is in a carton, not the thick kind from a can.

pouring Keto Coffee Creamer into coffee

Can I Add Collagen?

ABSOLUTELY! Collagen is a great addition to not only your keto coffee creamer, but it also is a great addition to just plain coffee too. 

The best way to add collagen is to put it directly into the creamer while it’s still warm that way it dissolves right away. Start off with 2-3 scoops per batch of low carb coffee creamer. 

Collagen brand recommendations: 

  • Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides – This is my favorite brand of collagen. It’s not only Grass-Fed but also, Whole30 approved, paleo, keto, and gluten-free. This can be bought on Amazon, but I recommend getting it at Costco. It’s a better price for a much larger container. 
  • Primal Kitchen Unflavored Collagen Peptides
  • Perfect Keto Collagen

Can I Make a Powder?

If you want a powdered keto coffee creamer, it’s pretty easy to do. Here are 3 ways: 

  1. Combine heavy cream powdered with powdered swerve or powdered monk fruit.
  2. Combine almond milk powder with powdered swerve or powdered monk fruit.
  3. Combine coconut cream powder with powdered swerve or powdered monk fruit.

Other Diets This Recipe is Good For

  • For a Dairy-Free and Vegan Option: Replace the heavy cream with full-fat coconut milk. 
  • For a Nut-Free Option: Replace the almond milk with full-fat coconut milk.

How to Use Homemade Coffee Creamer

Low Carb Keto Coffee Creamer

Nothing real fancy here, simply add the homemade keto coffee creamer to your hot or iced coffee. Try starting off with 2 tablespoons and increase it as needed. I’d say most people will use between 2-4 tablespoons for their coffee. 

You also could add a little bit of this low carb coffee creamer to your Keto Coffee also known as Bulletproof Coffee.

How to Make Ahead & Store Keto Coffee Creamer

It’s best to make the no-carb coffee creamer ahead of time because you want it to chill up in the fridge before using. Once it’s refrigerated for a few hours it tends to thicken up just a bit, and the flavors become stronger the longer it sits. 

I suggest making a batch of this keto coffee creamer the night before you want to use it, then store it in the fridge. 

How long will our keto-friendly coffee creamer last?? It will stay fresh for up to 7 days. If you don’t finish it within 7 days, ditch what is leftover and make a new batch.

Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer?

I wouldn’t freeze the leftover keto coffee creamer. Sometimes freezing dairy can be tricky and they don’t always taste the same once frozen. Just make a new batch when ready.

Tools to Use

  • Measuring Cups 
  • Small Saucepan 
  • Mason Jar or Glass Container for storing
empty jar and syphon on the table

Best Keto Coffee Creamers to Buy

If you are looking to buy creamers that are acceptable on keto, these are the ones I recommend. 

  • Heavy Cream – This is probably the best option if you are a cream-only kind of person. Or if you are just a basic cream and sugar coffee drinker. Add some granulated monk fruit sweetener to the coffee, a splash of heavy cream and you are all set. 
  • Nutpods – Zero carb creamer with a pretty clean ingredient list. Comes in several different flavors, and froths up nicely. 
  • Laird Unsweetened Superfood Creamer – Probably my favorite keto commercial creamer. It’s a clean plant-based powdered creamer, which is shelf-stable. Made almost entirely out of coconut, making it a great nut-free option.
  • Picnic Creamer – Similar taste to half & half, but contains grass-fed butter and MCT oil.

Low Carb Drink Recipes

Keto Eggnog

If you are looking for some more low carb drinks then please check out some of our other delicious recipes. 

All of them are low carb and Keto-friendly and will have your friends and family raving!

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Keto Coffee Creamer

Keto Coffee Creamer (9 Flavors)

  • Author: Stephanie Parlegreco
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 16 Servings (4 Tbsp per serving) 1x
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Morning coffee is a staple for most people, which means that this Keto Coffee Creamer is also a staple. With just 5 ingredients and less than 1 net carb per serving, our keto creamer is super easy and a must-have in your fridge.



Classic Keto Coffee Creamer Ingredients:

  • ¾ cup heavy cream  
  • ¾ cup unsweetened almond milk 
  • ¼ cup water 
  • ½ cup granulated monk fruit 

Vanilla Creamer:

  • ½1 tsp vanilla extract

Hazelnut Creamer: 

  • ½ tsp hazelnut extract 

Chocolate Creamer: 

  • ½ tsp unsweetened cocoa powder 
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract 

Coconut Creamer:

  • ½ tsp coconut extract 

Raspberry Creamer: 

  • ½ tsp raspberry extract 

Pumpkin Creamer: 

  • ½ tsp pumpkin pie spice

Almond Creamer:

  • ½ tsp almond extract 

Peppermint Mocha Creamer: 

  • ¼½ tsp peppermint extract
  • ½ tsp unsweetened cocoa powder 

Cinnamon Dolce Creamer: 

  • ½ tsp cinnamon 




Let your taste buds be your guide when it comes to the amount of each extract you add to the keto creamer. 

Use a funnel to transfer the creamer into a jar. It is the easiest and cleanest way. 

Dairy-Free and Vegan Option: Replace the heavy cream with full-fat coconut milk. 

Nut-Free Option: Replace the almond milk with full-fat coconut milk. 

Do not boil the sweetener and water combo, just let it simmer. 

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: Drinks

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Recipe rating


Thursday 27th of October 2022


I have a quick question. When making the other flavor options (i.e. pumpkin), do I have to add vanilla in all of them? The recipe instructions states to add vanilla.

Leigh Oskwarek

Thursday 27th of October 2022

Hello Natalie, Thanks for trying our recipe!! You do not have to add vanilla if you don't want to. We just personally like the flavor of vanilla in our coffee, but just like any creamers that you have to choose from in the store, feel free to omit the vanilla with one of your favorite flavors and give it a try.


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Hello, I'm sorry if I missed it but which sweetener do you use? Is it for example, Lakanto? Because Lakanto and some other brands is mostly erythritol with a little monk fruit. And this is important because I use pure monk fruit. 1/2 a cup of PURE monk fruit will be way too sweet, unbearably so.

This is very important and I think you should mention this in the recipe card because most people skip to that part.

Thanks! I can't wait to try this.

Leigh Oskwarek

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Hi Sarah, Thanks for taking the time to write to us. Yes, we did use Lakanto monkfruit sweetener. I have never used pure monkfruit. The other option that we use to sweeten things is powdered Swerve, which works great in our keto-baked custard. It is smooth and would go really well also in this creamer. I'm excited for you to try our creamer!!